If you are on this page, it means Gill believes your brand is congruent with her own and she has personally selected you to be part of this this special edition print run of Sovereign Magazine.

Sovereign Magazine is available in print, online and digital edition and enjoys a readership in the hundreds of thousands!

This special edition will be distributed along side the main issue to our normal distribution channels. These include over 30 first class lounges across UK airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick and over 160 embassies here in London. Overall, our distribution puts the magazine in front of hundreds of thousands of discerning readers every month!

The offer presented to you today is a one off, we believe in Gill’s mission and we trust her to pick truly phenomenal people to be featured along side herself.

What’s more, by being part of this Special Edition issue, we will also rerun your article in an upcoming main edition of the magazine. This means your article will appear in 2 separate issues for the price of 1! All articles will also be featured on our website, social media channels and syndicate to Apple News as well as the digital edition of the Magazine.


We believe in telling your story like no one else will. Our job is to connect our readers to your mission.

Sovereign Magazine is loved for this very reasons - we do not do ads, we do not do sensationalism, we are the good news channel and your story is our interest!

What are the option?


Q: Where is the magazine distributed?

Our magazines are distributed to all 166 London Embassies, international events and VIP lounges across the UK's busiest airports where they are free to read by all passengers. 

UK Airport 1st Class Lounges:

HEATHROW AIRPORT - Over 200,000 passengers/day

  1. British Airways Lounge

  • Cathay Pacific  Lounge

  • Emirates  Lounge

  • American Airlines  Lounge

  • AerLingus  Lounge

  • Aspire T3 T5  Lounges

  • Skyteam Lounge  Lounge

  • Plaza Premium LoungesT2 ; T4  Lounges

  • Lufthansa  Lounge

  • United Lounge  

  • Singapore Lounge  

  • Qatar Lounge 

  • Gulf Air  Lounge

  • No. 1 Traveller  Lounge

GATWICK AIRPORT - 125,000 passengers/day

  • British Airways  Lounge

  • Emirates  Lounge

  • Aspire Lounge  Lounge

  • No. 1 Traveller  Lounge  

MANCHESTER AIRPORT - 76,000 passengers/day

  • British Airways  Lounge

  • Emirates  Lounge

  • Aspire Lounges

  • Escape Lounges

BIRMINGHAM AIRPORT - 35,000 passengers/day

  • Emirates  Lounge

  • Aspire  Lounge

  • No.1 Traveller  Lounge

Q: Will I get a copy?

A free copy of the magazine will be mailed to regardless of which option you choose.

Q: Do I need to write the article myself?

No, you do not. We will write the article on you, all you need to do is fill out a questionnaire. You can do this at time of purchase or after.

Q: Do I get an article if I choose the single page?

The article is only included with the 2 page option. This is because your first page will be populated with information about you and your business. If you choose the single page option, you will need to fill out a quick online form at time of purchase.

Q: When will the magazine be ready?

We aim to print the magazine in January and make it available for distribution alongside our February issue. Our main emphasis is to offer the best possible content, featuring the best people handpicked by Gill herself. If delays occur it is because our emphasis is on delivering the best possible Special Edition.

Regardless, your article will be featured in the next available main issue at no extra cost.

Q: Do I need to supply my own photo?

If you have high resolution professional photos you would like us to use then we are happy to do so.

Please note we print at the highest quality possible and images must be full resolution as originally shot. Images from your website, Facebook or similar are likely to have been resized and while they may look great on a computer screen or your phone, they will lose quality once printed. To give an example, a full resolution image is usually around 8-10mb with a resolution of over 4000pixel wide.

If you are proceeding with the 2 page feature we are inviting you along to our London studio where we will take new photos for you. These will be colour graded and correct to look their absolute best and you are welcome to keep them!

Q: Can I have my own Special Edition front cover?

Absolutely, we are happy to discuss options for your own special edition front cover. Please get in touch with us and we can run through the different options!

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