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It could only be Dr Marina Nani’s new website

Really excited to present yet another awesome looking website.

With emphasis on elegance and timeless imagery, www.drmarinanani.com takes visitor on a voyage of ideas and possibilities. Focusing on the 4 main elements of Dr Nani’s brand, Writing, Broadcasting, Mentoring and events.

The main objective of the website was to unite these 4 elements into an easy to understand concept. Letting visitors navigate from one to another without causing confusion and providing calls to action at every step.

The site utilises also utilises a powerful blog, event system and ticketing system for subscription services and memberships to Dr Nani’s various mentoring programs and professional clubs. All run from back-end without the need of 3rd party apps or integrations.

As with all our websites, one click-sharing across all social media channels gives Dr Nani more time to write and connect with clients whilst keeping her followers updated and driving traffic back to her site.

The Verdict?


What this website has done actually, is given me more clarity on what I am offering. It has also drastically reduced the amount of time I spend sharing content and now I can focus on making meaningful connections. I’ve also seen an increase in people connecting with me just to tell me how amazing my website is.
— Dr Marina Nani


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