Let your website evolve with you

Back in April, we built a website for one of our most favourite people, Donia Youssef.

We just finished helping her publish her first book, The Monster In Mummy and she needed a website to go along with it.

We created a beautiful one page site that allowed her to sell her book easily, keep a blog and update visitors on all the latest developments with a stylish calendar system.

Now, almost 6 months later, we are helping Donia release her second book, The Monster In Mykie (available for pre-order) and with 2 more books in the pipeline, along with a new podcast series, it was clear that her website also needed some updating.

What We Did

As this is an ever evolving story of an author’s determination to create an awareness campaign about cancer survivors, it was important to build upon the existing brand.

The new improved site moved from the original www.monsterinmummy.com domain to www.themonster-series.com to reflect it was no longer just a book, but a growing series. The old domain remains active, ensuring any previously shared links will keep working.

Expanding the sitemap, we added dedicated pages for her online store, where all books can be found and ordered directly from Donia (along with useful links to her listings on Amazon).

Next was the blog, which had grown at a steady rate since she started it in April. This now also has a dedicated page for easier navigation.

Her upcoming podcast series, Story Time also needed a new home. We created a new landing page which will index current and future episodes, allowing website visitors to easily navigate, listen to and subscribe to the series using their favourite app. We also connected her podcasts with ITunes, making it easy to discover by millions of listeners.

Back in April, Donia had just become an author. Now however, she has her own publishing house and a new awareness campaign that is gaining traction at a national level. It was clear that her previous About section also needed to be expanded into a dedicated page, we also added a clever Press Release feature and useful contact information for interview request.

The Result

Simply put, this is a great example of a future proof website which grows as your brand does. We meet a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses with overly complex websites, with too many pages and no clear message. Keeping things simple and allowing your website to grow as you do means you remain focused on the things you can deliver now, giving you clarity on the things you want to deliver in the future.

The Verdict


Wow, simply love the website! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys are amazing!
— Donia Youssef