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About the show

Confidence Talks is a panel show where leading experts in the field of mental health, leadership and empowerment discuss and educate viewers in pursuit of self-belief and confidence.

Focusing on difficult conversations that impact multiple areas of life, such as negative body image, depression, anxiety, the role social media and online bullying play in the development of children and young adults.

The show aims to educate and empower viewers to take positive action in their own lives and the lives of those around them, to become more empathic and compassionate towards these issues.



Confidence Talks is the platform where influencers discuss conversations that matter. As a guest on the show you will have the opportunity to debate important subjects and help change points of view whilst influencing others to do the same.

By opening ourselves up to the discussion of new ideas and opinions – even ones that we disagree with – we get a deeper understanding of topics and issues that we might otherwise take for granted.

Your expertise will lead to creative problem-solving and generate new ideas.

Be part of the most cutting-edge conversation in mental health and well-being.


Whilst Confidence Talks is aimed at both men and women of all ages, our audience research shows that the largest segment (68%) will be females ages 35+.

We estimate that each show will receive at least 7k+ views within the first 14 days of transmission with a steady increase in the weeks and months to follow.

Reach & Distribution

distributed through facebook watch, youtube

split of both organic and aggressive audience targeting

easy options to embed on your own websites.

unique opportunities beyond online transmission

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